Update : 2024-05-19 13:20:15
Wholesale price
Algeria dinar Algeria dinar DZD0.02090.0509
Angolan kwanza Angolan kwanza AOA0.00240.0123
Saudi Arabia rial Saudi Arabia rial SAR0.83741.1874
Argentine peso Argentine peso ARS0.00380.0520
Armenian dram Armenian dram AMD0.00830.0128
Aruban florin Aruban florin AWG1.79912.3462
Azerbaijani manat Azerbaijani manat AZN2.14842.5992
Bahamian dollar Bahamian dollar BSD3.14754.1984
Bahraini dinar Bahraini dinar BHD6.523914.2137
Bangladeshi taka Bangladeshi taka BDT0.01690.0579
Barbados dollar Barbados dollar BBD1.27332.9395
Belize dollar Belize dollar BZD1.78271.9521
Bolivia boliviano Bolivia boliviano BOB0.39240.6124
Botswana pula Botswana pula BWP0.20180.3704
Brazilian real Brazilian real BRL0.60080.9243
Brunei dollar Brunei dollar BND2.07884.4365
CFP libera CFP libera XPF0.02600.0430
Chilean peso Chilean peso CLP0.00250.0054
Dominican peso Dominican peso DOP0.05500.0860
Djibouti frank Djibouti frank DJF0.01180.0350
Egypt pound Egypt pound EGP0.07920.1312
Eswatini lilangeni Eswatini lilangeni SZL0.16380.3499
Ethiopia birr Ethiopia birr ETB0.10160.1252
Fiji dollar Fiji dollar FJD1.29221.7479
Philippines pesos Philippines pesos PHP0.05720.0822
Gambia dalasi Gambia dalasi GMD0.03470.0617
Ghana cedi Ghana cedi GHS0.18010.7571
Gibraltar pound Gibraltar pound GIP3.42784.9978
Guyana dollar Guyana dollar GYD0.01580.0186
Antillean guilder Antillean guilder ANG1.54512.4224
Guatemala quetzal Guatemala quetzal GTQ0.44350.5631
Honduras lempira Honduras lempira HNL0.12400.1602
Hong Kong dollar Hong Kong dollar HKD0.40770.5577
India rupee India rupee INR0.04030.0573
Indonesian rupiah Indonesian rupiah IDR0.19370.3067
Jamaica dollar Jamaica dollar JMD0.01100.0483
Jordanian dinar Jordanian dinar JOD5.19836.1258
Cambodia riel Cambodia riel KHR0.00040.0013
Qatar rial Qatar rial QAR0.72191.2535
Kazakh tenge Kazakh tenge KZT0.00510.0110
Kenyan shilling Kenyan shilling KES0.02500.0390
Kyrgyzstan som Kyrgyzstan som KGS0.04980.0643
Colombian peso Colombian peso COP0.00080.0019
South Korean won South Korean won KRW0.28400.3910
Costa Rica colón Costa Rica colón CRC0.00430.0249
Cuban peso Cuban peso CUC0.01103.0000
Kuwait dinar Kuwait dinar KWD9.351916.1635
Laos kip Laos kip LAK0.00030.0003
Lesotho loti Lesotho loti LSL0.22400.2731
Macedonian denar Macedonian denar MKD0.06930.0926
Madagascar Ariary Madagascar Ariary MGA0.00070.0017
Makau pataca Makau pataca MOP0.33910.5058
Malawi kwacha Malawi kwacha MWK0.00410.0058
Maldives rupee Maldives rupee MVR0.24670.4767
Malaysian ringgit Malaysian ringgit MYR0.74011.0492
Moroccan dirham Moroccan dirham MAD0.41720.5093
Mauritian rupee Mauritian rupee MUR0.07430.1343
Mongolia tugrik Mongolia tugrik MNT0.00070.0015
Mozambique metical Mozambique metical MZN0.04510.0948
Namibia dolar Namibia dolar NAD0.19060.2627
Nepal rupee Nepal rupee NPR0.01450.0448
New Zealand dollar New Zealand dollar NZD2.36472.7847
Omani Rial Omani Rial OMR8.371213.4978
Pakistan rupee Pakistan rupee PKR0.00810.0261
Paraguay guarani Paraguay guarani PYG0.55770.5734
Peruvian sol Peruvian sol PEN1.08641.3498
South Africa rand South Africa rand ZAR0.18520.2955
Rwanda franc Rwanda franc RWF0.00220.0040
Cape Verdean escudo Cape Verdean escudo CVE0.03650.0485
Seychelles rupee Seychelles rupee SCR0.28130.4613
Singapore dollar Singapore dollar SGD2.75213.1621
Sri Lanka rupee Sri Lanka rupee LKR0.01220.0278
Tajikistan somoni Tajikistan somoni TJS0.34880.3741
Taiwan dollar Taiwan dollar TWD0.05530.1929
Tanzanian shilling Tanzanian shilling TZS0.00100.0023
Tonga paanga Tonga paanga TOP1.12051.6046
Trinidad Tobago dollar Trinidad Tobago dollar TTD0.12810.4181
Tunisian dinar Tunisian dinar TND1.18631.4463
Uganda shilling Uganda shilling UGX0.00030.0015
Uruguay peso Uruguay peso UYU0.05020.1937
Uzbekistan sum Uzbekistan sum UZS0.15110.4171
Vanuatu vatu Vanuatu vatu VUV0.02240.0355
Vietnamese Dong Vietnamese Dong VND0.01100.0196
East Caribbean dollar East Caribbean dollar XCD1.19801.8310
Solomon Islands dollar Solomon Islands dollar SBD0.36270.5056
Zambian Kwacha Zambian Kwacha ZMW0.03700.3470
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