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Kazakh tenge course in Wrocław

On the website we present the current offer of the Kameleon exchange office from Wrocław regarding the exchange of Kazakh tenge for Polish zlotys, the offer applies to purchase and sale.

banknot 20000 KZT awers seria/rok : 2015

Obverse of 20,000 tenge from 2015
The subject on the obverse is the city of Nur-Sultan, the main role is played by the statue of Qazaq Eli, but you can also see four doves, a symbol of peace.

banknot 20000 KZT rewers seria/rok : 2015

Reverse of 20,000 tenge from 2015
The reverse shows a map of Kazakhstan and a view of the city in the background.

banknot 10000 KZT awers seria/rok : 2016

Reverse of 10,000 tenge from 2016
The painting shows the Kazakh monument to Eli, which is a symbol of independence and is located on Independence Square.

banknot 10000 KZT rewers seria/rok : 2016
banknot 5000 KZT awers seria/rok : 2011
banknot 5000 KZT rewers seria/rok : 2011
banknot 2000 KZT rewers seria/rok : 2012
banknot 2000 KZT awers seria/rok : 20102
banknot 1000 KZT awers seria/rok : 2014
banknot 1000 KZT rewers seria/rok : 2014
banknot 500 KZT awers seria/rok : 2017
banknot 500 KZT rewers seria/rok : 2017
banknot 200 KZT awers seria/rok : 2006

Obverse of 200 tenge from 2006
On the obverse you can see the Astana-Baiterek monument and steel observation tower located in Astana, Kazakhstan, and a handprint with the signature of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

banknot 200 KZT rewers seria/rok : 2006

Reverse of 200 tenge from 2006
The reverse shows a map of the country and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and in the middle there is a winged snow leopard on a bridge.

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