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Wholesale prices negotiated

Ceny hurtowe - negocjowane

Obowiązują od poniedziałku do piątku w godz. 9:00-17:00 za wyjątkiem sobót, niedzieli i dni świątecznych

Poinformuj kasjera przed rozpoczęciem transakcji, aby otrzymać cenę hurtową

Currency Purchase Sale
Euro Euro EUR4.2860 4.3040
U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar USD3.9110 3.9350
Czech crown Czech crown CZK0.1686 0.1705
British Pound British Pound GBP5.0800 5.1250
Swiss franc Swiss franc CHF4.3960 4.4340
Danish Krone Danish Krone DKK0.5050 0.5230
Norwegian crown Norwegian crown NOK0.3070 0.3200
Canada dollar Canada dollar CAD2.8550 2.8900
Swedish crown Swedish crown SEK0.3620 0.3700
Hungarian forint Hungarian forint HUF0.0109 0.0114
Georgian lari Georgian lari GEL1.4410 1.6500
Israeli shekel Israeli shekel ILS0.9000 1.0400
Japanese yen Japanese yen JPY0.0241 0.0280
Mexican peso Mexican peso MXN0.2200 0.2500
Australian dollar Australian dollar AUD2.6260 2.6740
Thai baht Thai baht THB0.1105 0.1175
Turkish lira Turkish lira TRY0.1260 0.1340
Ukrainian hryvnia Ukrainian hryvnia UAH0.0941 0.0969
UAE Dirham UAE Dirham AED1.0610 1.1000
Icelandic krona Icelandic krona ISK0.0256 0.0294
Wholesale price
Currency Purchase Sale
Euro Euro EUR 4.2900 4.3290
U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar USD 3.9100 3.9640
Czech crown Czech crown CZK 0.1660 0.1730
Swiss franc Swiss franc CHF 4.3600 4.4600
British Pound British Pound GBP 5.0200 5.1290
Danish Krone Danish Krone DKK 0.5030 0.5770
Norwegian crown Norwegian crown NOK 0.3009 0.3690
Swedish crown Swedish crown SEK 0.3500 0.3750
Canada dollar Canada dollar CAD 2.8560 2.9600
Hungarian forint Hungarian forint HUF 0.0106 0.0118
Bulgarian lev Bulgarian lev BGN 2.2200 2.2900
Albanian Lek Albanian Lek ALL 0.0435 0.0464
Georgian lari Georgian lari GEL 1.4700 1.6500
Israeli shekel Israeli shekel ILS 0.8000 1.0590
Japanese yen Japanese yen JPY 0.0251 0.0280
Romanian leu Romanian leu RON 0.8710 0.9400
Mexican peso Mexican peso MXN 0.2200 0.2690
Australian dollar Australian dollar AUD 2.5500 2.6690
Thai baht Thai baht THB 0.1080 0.1250
Turkish lira Turkish lira TRY 0.1220 0.1395
Ukrainian hryvnia Ukrainian hryvnia UAH 0.0900 0.1000
Chinese yuan Chinese yuan CNY 0.5000 0.6190
UAE Dirham UAE Dirham AED 1.0100 1.0999
Icelandic krona Icelandic krona ISK 0.0260 0.0295
Brazilian realBrazilian real BRL0.7040 0.8966
Chilean pesoChilean peso CLP0.0024 0.0054
Dominican pesoDominican peso DOP0.0529 0.0840
Egypt poundEgypt pound EGP0.0678 0.1175
Hong Kong dollarHong Kong dollar HKD0.4062 0.5853
Tanzanian shillingTanzanian shilling TZS0.0010 0.0023
Coins (USD dolar : banknotes 1 $) PLN
Euro Euro EUR 3.5000 4.2000
U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar USD 3.9100 4.8500
USD dollar <br/><small>small heads</small> USD dollar
small heads
USD 3.6000 4.2590
Czech crown Czech crown CZK 0.0900 0.1730
British Pound British Pound GBP 3.5000 5.1500
We issue the evidence of buying and selling currencies for companies
Exchange Office Kameleon Wroclaw

Exchange Office Kameleon

Shopping Center Kameleon
50-123 Wroclaw
Oławska 7

Withdrawn bills wholesale prices negotiated
Withdrawn Swiss francsWithdrawn Swiss francsCHF84.26904.4400
England old poundEngland old poundGBP4.90805.0900
Old Australian dollarsOld Australian dollarsAUD2.09803.4600
Czech old crownCzech old crownCZK0.14400.1700
Canada old dollarCanada old dollarCAD2.48002.6800
Withdrawn francs series 6Withdrawn francs series 6CHF4.18104.4600
Hungary old forintHungary old forintHUF0.00650.0113
Falkland Islands poundFalkland Islands poundFKP4.72505.0500
Guernsey poundGuernsey poundGGP4.72505.0500
Ireland poundIreland poundIEP4.72505.0500
Northern Irish poundNorthern Irish poundIEP4.72505.0500
Scotland poundScotland poundSCP4.85705.0200
Jersey PoundJersey PoundJEP4.72505.0500
Isle of Man poundIsle of Man poundIMP4.72505.0500
Germany markGermany markDEM1.86002.1700
Estonia crownEstonia crownEEK0.21900.2620
Belgian francBelgian francBEF0.07400.1080
Slovakia crownSlovakia crownSKK0.08800.1530
Latvia latLatvia latLVL5.11106.1900
Lithuania litLithuania litLTL1.01501.2200
Croatia old kunaCroatia old kunaHRK0.43500.5400
Slovenian tolarSlovenian tolarSIT0.01300.0180
Currencies withdrawn from circulation Wholesale price
Withdrawn Swiss francs Withdrawn Swiss francsCHF84.06004.4400
England old pound England old poundGBP4.66005.1000
Old Australian dollars Old Australian dollarsAUD1.76003.8000
Czech old crown Czech old crownCZK0.09600.1700
Canada old dollar Canada old dollarCAD2.14002.9100
Withdrawn francs series 6 Withdrawn francs series 6CHF3.54004.4800
Hungary old forint Hungary old forintHUF0.00330.0114
Falkland Islands pound Falkland Islands poundFKP4.32005.0700
Guernsey pound Guernsey poundGGP4.32005.0700
Ireland pound Ireland poundIEP4.32005.0700
Northern Irish pound Northern Irish poundIEP4.32005.0700
Scotland pound Scotland poundSCP4.32005.0300
Jersey Pound Jersey PoundJEP4.32005.0700
Isle of Man pound Isle of Man poundIMP4.32005.0700
Germany mark Germany markDEM1.53002.1800
Estonia crown Estonia crownEEK0.16400.2620
Belgian franc Belgian francBEF0.06400.1090
Slovakia crown Slovakia crownSKK0.07800.1560
Latvia lat Latvia latLVL4.44006.2500
Lithuania lit Lithuania litLTL0.69001.2700
Croatia old kuna Croatia old kunaHRK0.40000.5500
Slovenian tolar Slovenian tolarSIT0.01300.0180
Currency rates do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law and may be interpreted only as information.

Exchange office Kameleon

The Kameleon currency exchange office has been operating on the currency market in Wrocław for a month. It belongs to the Max network of currency exchange offices which have been conducting currency exchange in the Silesian Voivodeship since 1990. We cordially invite you to our location in the center of Wrocław, located in the Kameleon Department Store, open every day from 9:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The currency exchange office employees have the necessary courses and experience, offering high-quality services.

Kameleon currency exchange office in Wrocław means discretion and professionalism - our clients are provided with 100% discretion and professional service, we approach each client individually - we ensure that each currency exchange is quick and efficient.

Currency exchange in Wrocław.

At our exchange office you can exchange over 150 currencies, sell withdrawn banknotes and check the current rates. Price negotiation is possible with each transaction, and for regular customers there is always a better price. Here are some of our suggestions for customers: plan your currency exchange in advance (check prices), check the current exchange rate before making a transaction, avoid currency exchange at airports because they usually have worse rates. If you are exchanging a large sum of money, always negotiate the final price with our kameleon currency exchange cashier. Think about whether you want to exchange the entire amount of money at once, or perhaps it is better to divide it into several transactions to minimize the exchange rate risk. If you are planning a trip abroad, check whether you need cash in local currency or US dollars or Euros.

MAX network of exchange offices

The MAX company has currency exchange offices in the province. Silesia and Lower Silesia, has been operating continuously since 1990 - it has been offering online currency exchange in an online currency exchange office for 8 years.

At the currency exchange office, we accept orders for any currency in any quantity at the exchange rate agreed with the currency cashier. To confirm the order, a deposit of approximately 10% of the order value is required, payable immediately to our company's bank account or in cash at our currency exchange office. We offer our regular customers the opportunity to book a selected exchange rate by phone for a mutually agreed period, which simplifies currency exchange.

The most frequently exchanged currencies at the exchange office.

Euro exchange rate information

Our euro exchange rates are constantly updated by our team of specialist currency tellers, ensuring our website always reflects the most up-to-date rates. We understand that the frequency of your transactions may vary and we are open to negotiations depending on your needs. At our currency exchange office, transactions are most often carried out in euro, and detailed information on these rates can be found on our dedicated euro website.

Swiss franc exchange

In our country, Swiss francs play a key role because they are widely used in mortgage loans. Thanks to this, the exchange rate of this currency is carefully monitored and any fluctuations are widely discussed. At our exchange office, we not only offer competitive rates, but also buy Swiss franc banknotes, even those that are no longer in circulation. We are particularly interested in CHF, making us the perfect place for your Swiss Franc exchange needs.

US dollar exchange

Our US dollar exchange rate is based on a thorough analysis of data provided by the National Bank of Poland, which ensures the accuracy of the rate we offer. The displayed rate is a preliminary proposal, subject to negotiation, and the final rate depends on the conditions on the stock exchange.

Czech koruna exchange

For detailed information on the Czech koruna exchange rate, visit the dedicated subpage of the website. We cordially invite you to check out our currency exchange services, which consistently offer competitive and attractive rates.

Location of the Kameleon exchange office in Wrocław

The exchange office is located in the city center at 7 Oławska Street